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L’importance de l’ergonomie dans un projet de site web

Shazam overhauls ipad app as music market Pandora Canada gets hotter

By julianne pepitoneshazam existing song individuality app is already popular, with 300 million international users.The update released on monday revamps the app old features, and carries a slate of new ones focused on location data, accepted tracks, social media options and faster observing.Some of the features are available on a new iphone app as well, but android users might need to wait.The ipad update includes a homescreen paying attention to hot songs and tv shows:A shazam tag chart exhibits most tagged titles, and online maps show popular songs by location. "Auto adding"Lets viewers set the app to"Marking"Songs without anyone's knowledge until the feature is turned off.Song adding is faster"As young as one second, the particular business says.Sharing activity to social networks like facebook is much simpler, and a revamped shazam friends feature lets users check out their human interactions favorite tracks, the focus at shazam is to be continue being active in music discovery, and all of the features in the new launch are really commensurate with that, explained shazam new ceo, elegant riley.But music discovery has turned into a major focus for rivals, exceedingly, as the exploding music market becomes saturated.Though shazam tagging focus differs from pure loading apps, they actually overlap and the list of competitors is long.Spotify, pandora, rhapsody and mog are only a small sampling.As those streaming rivals in order to innovate, a few of their features and focus align with those of shazam.Just a week ago, behemoth google launched its clunkily named google play the guitar all access service, which also includes efficient mobile apps with social features.Bebo music, made available last month, displays songs favored by friends and with the overall community.Riley, who had become the shazam ceo just four weeks ago, said the shazam updates were in the works before the google and twitter releases.Shazam, which sold the lot more $300 million in music from its app last year, currently types of procedures more than 10 million tags per day.Riley expects that Cheap Pandora Charms figure will grow really thanks to auto tagging.The company wants to add which feature to other apple devices soon, ultimately roll out a new android app as well.And yet riley, a 14 year yahoo veteran who left that company in sept, has much larger dreams for shazam.After worth spending ceo spot at shazam just four weeks ago, he has explained that he wants to expand past song tagging to total"Media activation, to the period, shazam has ramped up its tv show tagging and communication.Using shazam during a show pulls up regarding the cast, related tweets and additional information.Since feb 2011, an additional has also sold"Shazam readily in a"Tv ads that let users get more concerning what shown in the commercial, shazam has deep roots in music and we want people to always think of us when they hear a song in a bar and would like to learn about it, riley recounted, adding that the company wants users to think much like about tv shows and shazam.Shazam hopes that its expansion plans may possibly attract wall street interest.The company announced recording that it is preparing for an initial public offering.Riley declined to discuss a specific timeframe.Trendiest storiestrendiest storiesmore, essential latest from the early warning forecast center.Additionally>snow is in the process!Extra>prostitution impact nets 31 arrestsprostitution impact nets 31 arrestsupdated:Wednesday, april 20 2010 11:21 pm hours EDT2010 0421 03:21:00 GMT

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  1. Mickael:

    Salut Maxime,
    J'ai trouvé ton article très sympa, c'est vrai que l'on ne s'imagine pas forcément qu'il peut y avoir de nombreuses étapes en amont de la création d'un site (j'en ai fais la malheureuse expérience…).
    A bientôt

  2. David Lafon:

    Concernant la pseudo-règle des 3 clics, elle n’est pas fondée et ne mérite pas qu’on s’y attarde. Là où l’expérience utilisateur sera riche est notamment dans la simplicité et l’affordance. La règle des 3 clics pousse à complexifier au-delà du raisonnable une arborescence de site. En complément, je vous invite à lire cet excellent article de Fred Cavazza http://www.simpleweb.fr/2006/09/06/vers-la-regle-du-clic-unique/
    Bien à vous

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