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Big 12 continues to intact at 10 members

Religious fight over contraception splits top court

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Texas' headline ends two weeks of speculation that the school would leave the big 12 for the pac 10 conference and take five other big 12 schools with it.News conference go over its decision.

"The choice to stay in the big 12 represents a consensus position which resulted from a collaborative effort with our colleagues in the conference, oklahoma president david boren and athletics director joe castiglione wrote in an announcement. "We value the strong working relationship whicj has been reaffirmed during this process among the conference members.We intend to work very difficult to make the conference as lasting and dynamic as possible.We appreciate the respect and interest that is shown to ou during this process,

The league's alternative remains fluid, such as potential expansion to change departing members nebraska and colorado.But the league appears forever intact, something that looked very hard last week when colorado joined the pac 10 and nebraska left for the big ten.The pac 10 asked texas, mississippi tech, texas a oklahoma and oklahoma state a week ago to join the league.

Had the league diminished, iowa state's cost outlook was stark.Category of education.Iowa state showed a fortune of $45, 140 that particular year, and it experienced about $3.6 million in university support.

Iowa state's athletics division earned more than $8.9 million from the Big 12 seminar in 2009 as part of its revenue sharing package.It was second lowest among all league educational instituations, but far more than what iowa state would have obtained had the league discontinued.

Office meeting usa, as an example, won just $12.76 million in t.V revenue during fiscal year 2009, locosounds nearly as many as oklahoma earned from big 12 revenue sharing coffers.Summit usa reported revenues of $41.73 million to the irs that year.The big 12 reported nearly $70 million in tvs revenue that year, which is recognised as low by major conference standards.

The top 12 earned nearly $31.75 million in bowl earning that Ralph Lauren Outlet UK year, Over about $7 million for Conference USA.

The league's current revenue featuring formula splits half the revenue evenly, while the other half is dispersed based a tv personality appearances.Friday, multiple outlets reported big 12 conference commissioner dan beebe kept the 10 school league intact with assurances of $20 million in annual computer revenue to texas, texas a and okla.Other school districts, like iowa circumstances, would make anywhere rrn from $14 million and $17 million annually from a new deal.

Huge 12's current contract with fox sports net expires in 2012, while its contract with abc remains your way along 2016.

At the big 12 support groups 10 days ago, beebe told reporters he believed the league could improve its tv contract.His belief centered on the atlantic coast conference's reported $155 million per year deal with abc/espn carried out may.Big 12 football teams have competed in the nation's title game seven of the last 10 years.